The Most Dangerous Criminal Association

This is Justice, especially Prosecution. These people promote breaking the law and protect criminals. Members of Justice develop real activities only when they fear that their corruption is revealed. The malignancy of Justice gets usually known in the following way:

1) One becomes victim of an offence, for example of fraud, property damage, burglary, bodily injury, and one files an information. The victim is then summoned to the police and made to learn that he should not annoy Police and Justice by his trifling matters. After months the victim receives a computer print from Prosecution: All possible investigations were carried out without result and the proceedings were quashed. If the victim meets the witnesses, he learns that Prosecution or Police did not ask them at all.

2) After some time the criminals perceive that they need not fear punishment of their offences, and enhance their actions. At the next assault the victim himself collects evidence and presents it to the police. Police and Prosecution conceive this as a charge against themselves. The independent investigations show that the malignant behavior of the authorities was seen through. Consequently Prosecution takes proceedings against the victim, mostly because of defamatory denunciation and insult. The proceedings against the criminals are quashed.

3) The criminals understand that they are protected by Justice. They assault the victim more and more often, saucy and violent. When the victim brings a criminal charge, the proceedings are "quashed"; in reality they are not started all all. When the victim defends himself against the criminals, the victim is swamped with accusations of bodily injury. The criminals appear as witnesses.

Sunday, May 2nd, 2002, just before 1 o'clock it happened once more: I heard a rumble at the rain pipe and a hiss which occurs when the surveillance camera is pulled down and the cable torn out. Seconds later the glas in the upper half of my front door was smashed. I seized the AF-camera, run to the door and opened it. There stood three drunken persons, two men and a woman, whom I had never seen before. One of the men struck out for the next blow and roared: "Get out, slut!" The other drunkards watched. The beater perceived me and assailed. Just then this picture was taken:


This man is an unrestrained brute. Presumably Justice will let him act against others victims too.

In situations like this I must risk my live. There is not the least hope for real investigations by Police or Prosecution. If I don't identify the offender, he will continue violence.

After I had taken the foto, the three drunkards blocked up the way back into my house. The surveillance camera lay on the sidewalk. The brute picked it up. I took it from him and threw it with its cable on the private ground behind my house. While I run backwards pursued by the drunken men, I saw the woman climbing over the fence of the estate. The surveillance camera disappeared. Then the woman joined the men: "Hand over the camera!" She wanted the AF-camera too.

I rushed to the Marktplatz at Amoneburg's center since I hoped that one of the public inns would still be open. I would walk in and call the police. All inns, however, were already closed. I ran via detour back to my house, but couldn't win sufficient lead. The aggressors were fifteen to twenty five years younger than me.

At my front door the brute attacked me again. He uttered, he would come again and again; every time he would destroy my house more; if he would see me riding a bicycle and he drove a car, he would kill me.

Once more I run backwards to the Marktplatz. On the Marktplatz the woman moved in the direction to the Ritterstrasse. All the time I had shouted: "Call the police". Now I run in loopes through the upper town of Amoneburg and screamed louder and louder "Help" and "Call the police". Several honorable citizens got up and watched. Nobody called the police. "Just cry" said the brute.

In front of a house in the Dr.Max-Ehrenpfordt-Strasse the woman reappeared. With her she had brought two males for reinforcement. One man with a baseball cap had the face of Nicki Lauda. He came with a baseball club. The other man, big with black hairs, didn't show a weapon. Both men seemed to know me. They didn't beat me, but did not help me anyway. Yet the brute was diverted. I could run to my house and close the door behind my back. At once I called the police. It took 30 seconds till they answered. Within this time the brute kicked into the lower part of the front door. He screamed: "He's got my picture. It's his only proof. I must have the picture." and "At last we can terminate the slut."


My front door consists of steel-wired glas. A kick is not sufficient to get through. The brute kicked and struck again and again. He had already pierced the lower part of the front door. So I opened the door for a second and repelled him. After that the brute ceased beating and kicking. Still he roared insults, but finally he and the woman withdrew, downhill.

Instead his accomplice pushed against the door. I couldn't lock it. The accomplice, however, lost time. When I heard he was alone, I left my house and took care that he stayed till the police came up.

I cannot reproach the driver of the squad car. It took him just fifteen minutes for the distance between Stadtallendorf and Amoneburg. New record. His colleagues consume more than twenty minutes. Prior to my call at the police I had run half an hour through Amoneburg. The principal guilt of all this being possible rests on the Public Prosecution of Marburg. I went through dozens of situations like on May 12, 2002. Justice patronized the criminals always.


This is how my hand looked like when police had arrived.

Yet violence goes on. Already on May 17, 2002 the second surveillance camera was beaten down. The lantern that ligths the front door at night was broken and three windows in the ground floor were systematically scratched. The damage was done in broad daylight. I was only four hours out and returned before it grew dark. Five neighboring houses are not farther away than 20 meters. Everybody knows: Criminals have to fear little from Police and nothing from Justice.

May 31, 2002: Despite of the picture and the identified accomplice, authorities claim that it still wasn't feasible to find the brute.

June 10, 2002: Meanwhile I have identified the brute. He is Einheimischer (innate). Many people in Amoneburg's upper town know him. One of the witnesses says: "These are brethren of terror. Please don't communicate I told you the name. They'll come in the night and smash everything I have. Then I'm finished." In fact the brute has a brother. Another witness says: "Of course I know him. If I tell who he is, I'll be thrashed." I ask: "Who will thrash you?" "Many", he answers. Still another witness prays: "Can't you keep me out of this?" Nevertheless several residents of Amoneburg tell me the name. Nobody wants to contact the police. The brute terrorizes people for at least twenty years. For a long time he lived with his parents in the center of the upper town. He is supposed to dwell mostly in Fronhausen. Again and again he appears here, gets drunk, strikes and smashes. When I call the police to tell my results, I'm referred to June 14. Only then the investigating policeman will be in office.

June 12, 2002: A person named O.Haupt, presently burgomaster of Amoneburg, explained to me criminality was a "private problem" of the victim; I was entitled to notify the police, but he predicted that the investigations would almost certainly fail. (For all who cannot imagine O.Haupt: He looks like Social Democrat Rudolf Scharping who changed sides to become a Christian Democrat.) The collection of taxes, which are spent to pay O.Haupt's salaries, is, of course, not his private problem.

June 14, 2002: Still the police alleges to know not the brute's name. The policeman in charge took his "well-deserved annual leave". His deputy puts me off till June 24. I call the police's attention to violence that is to occur in the following night. "We know about this", says the deputy, "We will patrol the meeting".


A few hours after my call. My front door at 11 o'clock p.m. This is the protection granted by Justice and Police against the mob. The offender, driver of a motorcycle, has left his picture in a surveillance camera.

When I call police emergency, I must wait five minutes till somebody answers the phone. The state of Police is horrible. Public Prosecution, however, is responsible for criminal investigations.

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