New in the Handbook

October 18, 2011: Your palm is a spinor.
October 1, 2011: Spinor rotated twice begins being remarked.
January 1, 2011: youtube account althand opened.
August 25, 2010: List of publications updated.
May 23,2010: Major customer of, École normale supérieure Paris.
Apr.12,2010: Fight with a referee on the foundations of quantum mechanics.
Feb.10,2010: New Mirror of scientific materials.
Aug.24,2007: Reports (in German) on a strange process concerning alleged perjury.
June 16,2007: Application to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the so-called Wolfsangel affair. The Wolfsangel affair is a collection of methods used by German officials to protect Neonazi offenders, including themselves.
Sep.17,2006: In 1988 a student and a somewhat elder person managed to solve a problem which even Nobel price laureates had not been able to cope with. They derived the ubiquitous turbulence in pipes from the basic law of mechanics. Pipe turbulence can be understood as asexual propagation with mothers and daughters only. Knowing that, the elder person in 1989 revealed a scandal: turbulence without strange attractor. That scandal has now, in 2006, excited major trouble.
June 26,2006: In a document, written for the IAEA by scientists from Belarus, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraina and USA , "the so-called Brosa model is selected as the most suitable one".
May 21, 2006: Have a look on the countryside of Germany as it was before 1945 and it is today.
Nov.11, 2005: Altar of Self-Glorification solemny consecrated.

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