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Reichstag elections 1933 in the eastern and central counties of today's county Marburg-Biedenkopf in the state Hesse/Germany:

Kirchhain 52%
Marburg city 58%
Marburg country 70%

A few detailed results:

Todenhausen 79%
Muenchhausen 85%
Albshausen 90%
Dagobertshausen 100%

For comparison: The NSDAP got 44% of all votes in Germany. Also not all Hessians were Nazis. In Offenbach, a city of skilled and well-organized workers, the NSDAP got only 30%.
Source: Thomas Klein, Die Hessen als Reichstagswähler, N.G.Elvert publishing house Marburg, Bd.II 1992, Bd.III 1995.


The Reichstag was Germany's parliament before 1945.
The last elections that might be considered as free took place in 1933.
The NSDAP was Adolf Hitler's party.

The names of locations in Hesse/Germany have often exciting connotations.
Todenhausen: Housing of the dead.
Muenchhausen: The Baron Muenchhausen is Germany's most famous liar.
Albshausen: Housing of nightmares.
Dagobertshausen: Housing of Dagobert. Dagobert Duck is deemed to be the most ruthless capitalist.
Amoeneburg: Fortress of amoebas.
Kleinseelheim: Home of small souls.
Niederklein: Lower small.
Herrenwald: Forest of supermen.

Now there are here even more Nazis than 1933.

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